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Paid Acquisition Experts

Relentlessly Focused on Results


We partner with leading high-growth companies as an extension of their marketing team
to scale paid customer acquisition channels

Some of the companies we’ve worked with



“Growth Pilots has worked with Gusto for over 2 years and I consider them a leader in the digital marketing space. They understand the needs of growing companies, where things change quickly and fast action is required. The result of the Growth Pilots approach for Gusto has been consistent performance above our targets.”


Daniel Davidow
Acquisition Lead at Gusto


End-to-end management for paid search and paid social marketing channels

Why We’re Different



Many agencies try to maximize client quantity and short-term revenue which leads to frequent client churn. We take a different approach and focus on sustainable, long-term growth for our clients. Our goal is to work with companies for an extended period of time to help establish them as the leader in their industry.



The old model of agency-client relationships is broken. We are changing that by building close, long-term partnerships and by fully immersing ourselves in each client’s business. We function much more like an extension of the internal marketing team than an outside agency.



Our long-term focus lends itself to proactivity, deep expertise, constant learning and pride of management for every company we partner with. Relentless focus on results drives everything we do.




“Growth Pilots has played such an indispensable role in Lunya’s growth for the past 2 years. I couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership with them. With their help, we have have been able to exceed our goals and I continue to be impressed with their responsiveness and attention to detail. I truly consider them part of our team.”


Taylor Backus
Director of Growth Marketing at Lunya

Our Methodology

Based on Constant Learning and Millions of Dollars Spent


Goal Development

Our first order of business is always to understand the goals of each client. We often assist in co-developing goals to ensure the focus is on end-offunnel metrics like ROAS and ROI instead of vanity metrics like registration CPA or mobile app CPI.


Industry Research

Once we understand the business, we take a step back to understand the industry in and out. We analyze the competitive landscape and take cues from what competitors are doing to get a complete perspective of the market.


Client Deep-Dive

Once we have clear goals established, we dive deep to understand the business, its unit economics, and the target audience profiles. These elements allow us to shape the foundation of a results-focused strategy.


Strategy Development

We combine the data we’ve gathered with the experience of our elite account team to determine which channels to leverage and how to reach the target audience profitably and at scale within each channel.



Telling a relevant and consistent story from impression to conversion leads to better results throughout the conversion funnel. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them develop the right combination of creatives and landing pages for each target audience segment.


Account build out

With the research and strategy in place, we map and build out a scalable account structure that allows for granular optimization and continuous expansion. Our accounts are large and complex – by design. We utilize segmentation wherever possible to take advantage of performance differences across audience segments.


Software-Driven optimization

Optimizing bids, creatives, and budgets are key to achieving results in paid acquisition. We have developed a number of proprietary software tools that allow us to employ automated optimization and maximize results. We heavily leverage technology and automation where it makes sense. Our optimization software has earned us the Facebook Marketing Partner badge.



We don’t believe in cruising. Once we have an account achieving performance goals, we aggressively pursue expansion opportunities based on performance and insights gained from managing the account. We prioritize experiments by assessing potential success and scale.



We provide clear and transparent reporting via our proprietary Propel reporting dashboard. We also spend a large amount of time creating and analyzing reports internally, and we love to share as much data as our clients would like. We are more than happy to accommodate any custom reporting requests.



We position ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams. This allows us to get further involved with each client and lend our expertise wherever needed – even if it’s beyond the scope of our core service offering. Our account team is in frequent communication and holds regular calls with each client to review results and discuss strategy.


“Growth Pilots has been an incredible partner, helping us understand the ever-evolving performance advertising space and seizing on the latest opportunities. They’ve been with us from pre-launch, guiding us through our pre-order campaign, and are still with us as we ship the L16 Camera to photographers around the world.”



Bradley Lautenbach
SVP Marketing at Light


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