More Than an Agency

Growth Pilots is a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco that specializes in paid search and paid social advertising. Although we consider ourselves an agency by classification, we act much more like an internal marketing team that’s dedicated to the mastery of paid marketing channels for our clients.

Our CEO Soso Sazesh decided to start Growth Pilots after constantly coming across high-growth companies struggling to figure out paid acquisition. They lacked the time and expertise to do it internally, and their experiences with agencies were often marked by passive management, poor communication, lack of transparency, and limited investment from agency account managers juggling too many clients.

Growth Pilots was founded to be an answer for frustrated companies looking for a dedicated partner that would stop at nothing to achieve results. We selectively partner with very few best-in-class companies so that we can take the time to understand a client’s business and treat it as if it were our own.

Meet Your Co-Pilots

Soso Sazesh
CEO & Founder

William Cromwell
Client Strategy Manager

Alan Vazquez
Director of Paid Search

Stephanie Taddei
Director of People Operations


Marc Barraza
Associate Director of Paid Social

Christine Forni
Sr. Paid Search Account Manager

Matt Lally
Sr. Account Manager

Jason Ford
Sr. Paid Search Account Manager

Barry He
Paid Social Account Manager

Mac Gorcey-Biblowitz
Paid Social Account Manager

Eron Wang
Paid Search Account Manager


Gina Hwang
Paid Search Account Manager

Adam Rector
Paid Social Account Manager

Chris Tolar
Paid Search Account Manager

Jonathan Kuo
Sr. Paid Search Analyst

Tyler Yee
Paid Social Analyst

Ignat Artemenko
Paid Search Analyst

Rodney Chan
Paid Search Analyst

Sandy Kim
Paid Social Analyst

Denna Mafie
Content Marketing Associate

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